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United as One Voice At the Capitol for Adequate Nurse Compensation

Posted 12 months ago by Amy Fortner

We are getting really close to seeing hard work and collaboration for  School Nurses Compensation being  discussed in the House. We need Nurses of all walks of life to be able to meet at the State Capitol for the discussion of HB 1447. Arkansas needs this bill to pass to help with high quality nursing recruitment and retention as well as increased student outcomes for receiving both physiological and psychosocial care from qualified school nurses. 

 We need unity, voices and a strong stand! We had over 450 nurses present at Nurse’s Day at the Capitol. We overwhelmed the legislators with our presence. I am urging for all those that can to do it again. 

HB1447 will most likely be discussed on the March 30th Agenda. 

Please contact the elected officials in your district to make your voice heard and vote for HB1447 to pass. 

Please reach out to House Education Committee members below and ask them to vote for HB1447:

Vivian Flowers

Denise Garner

Sonia Barker

Rick Beck

Keith Brooks

Bruce Cozart

Hope Duke

Brian Evans

Charlene Fite

Lanny Fite

Grant Hodges

Wayne Long

John Maddox

Brit McKenzie

Ron McNair

Stephen Meeks

Stetson Painter

DeAnn Vaught

Steven Walker

Carlton Wing

Advocate! Advocate! Advocate! 


Amy Fortner BSN RN

ASNA President