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Information on Contolled Substance Administration

Posted 5 months ago by Phyllis Ermer

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Information regarding medication administration/controlled substances:


School nurses may not delegate to non-licensed personnel the task of dispensing controlled substances.


Once a parent has a RX, they are considered the ultimate user.  The parent may delegate a volunteer to give the  PO controlled substance in the absence of the nurse. That volunteer must be referred to by their name on the consent form. The volunteer must also be named in the student's IHP.


When providing the medication administration training to the volunteer, you need a statement that YOU do not delegate any controlled medication administration. 


You need a controlled medication form.  An example form can be located at

This will be a reconciliation form for medication counts at least weekly. It is also advised that the nurse do a med count, after his/her absence, with the volunteer that administered the controlled medication.  


The med count reconciliation form and lockbox are ultimately the nurse's responsibility. 


For field trips:

  • The bottle of medication does not leave the school
  • The nurse will count student meds with the volunteer, place the medication in an envelope, label and seal the envelope and have the volunteer sign that they received the medication.


If you have a missing controlled substance, you must call DEA and the local law enforcement. 

Attached is an example of a Volunteer Medication Sign-out Form and a Weekly Reconcilation Form.